Couple settle damages claim over death of baby at Rotunda

20 November 2013 16:54

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Couple settle damages claim over death of baby at Rotunda

Solicitors Jane Farren and Feidhlimidh Wrafter of Spire View, Rathgar, Dublin, had sued consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician, Professor Fergal Malone, and the Rotunda Hospital as a result of the death of their daughter Molly on October 16, 2008.

The couple claimed they were informed, or otherwise led to believe, Molly's death was unexplained and there was nothing which could or should have been done to prevent her death.

It was further claimed the couple believed their daughter had died due to some unknown event or genetic or other problem due to one or both of them, or to some pre-labour trauma.

On October 15, 2008, it was claimed, Ms Farren was admitted to hospital with spontaneous rupture of membranes.

The labour-inducing drug, Syntocinon, was commenced on her at 11pm and at 3.44am, Ms Farren was transferred to theatre for a trial of vacuum delivery.

Molly was delivered at 4.17am the following morning by way of emergency caesarean section. Attempts to resuscitate the baby continued for 24 minutes but to no avail.

The couple claimed there was an alleged failure to properly manage and monitor the labour, delivery and birth and an alleged failure to identify serious abnormalities in the foetal heart rate pattern in a sufficiently prompt and timely manner and to ensure earlier delivery.

It was further claimed after Molly's death there was an alleged failure to advise and fully inform the couple about all aspects of the labour and delivery and to properly and carefully advise the parents in relation to the death of their daughter.

Yesterday, Denis McCullough SC, for the couple, said the case had been settled without admission of liability and could be struck out.

He said the couple have since had two other children Kristin and Isabelle.

Afterwards the couple said there is never closure after the death of a child but they were satisfied the court proceedings were at an end.


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