Irish person injured in London terror attack, department confirms

17 September 2017 01:39

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Irish person injured in London terror attack, department confirms

A spokesperson for the department said: “We can confirm one Irish person was injured in the attack.”

The person was offered consular assistance by the Department of Foreign Affairs but refused the offer as it was believed the injury was minor.

Another Irish person, Dubliner Rory Rigney (37), was also caught up in the attack but was fortunate to avoid injury.

“There was bang, it wasn’t massively loud. Then a scream. I looked down the corridor and there was a big flash of light coming down,” he told the Guardian.

“My immediate reaction was just to jump. So the doors were still open, so I jumped out. I tried to get as far away as possible, kind of got on the ground and covered myself.

“Looked back and there were so many people trying to get out they were falling on top of each other so there was a real crush at the door,” he added.

“People just panicking, getting away, and there was a lot of screaming. For the next 30 seconds to a minute, people were on the ground. They didn’t know what to do. There was a lot of fear.

Britain is on the highest terror alert with the military set to bolster security as police hunt the Parsons Green bomb "suspects".

Prime Minister Theresa May has raised the threat level to critical, meaning another attack is expected imminently.


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