Irish woman tells court she was tricked into signing 'divorce' papers by Iranian husband

11 October 2017 01:35

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Irish woman tells court she was tricked into signing 'divorce' papers by Iranian husband

Diplomat's son Mehrdad Radseresht, who is in his 70s, says Barbara Spain-Radseresht, who is in her 40s, agreed to a divorce when they lived in the Middle East more than seven years ago.

Mrs Spain-Radseresht, who comes from Dublin and now lives in London, disputes his claim and says she is entitled to a fair share of a marital fortune running into tens of millions of pounds.

Mr Justice Cohen in the Family Division of the High Court in London has been asked to make decisions about the validity of the marriage.

Mr Radseresht told the judge they reached a settlement agreement in Dubai in 2009 after Mrs Spain-Radseresht was unfaithful.

Mrs Spain-Radseresht said she was tricked into signing paperwork and found out about the "alleged Dubai divorce" a year ago when she made a separate divorce application.

"You wanted a divorce and you got one," Mr Radseresht told Mrs Spain-Radseresht, adding: "Now you want money."

Mr Radseresht asked the judge to police Mrs Spain-Radseresht when she asked him questions. "Please make her refrain from theatrics, from making faces at me," he said.

Mrs Spain-Radseresht told Mr Justice Cohen she had not knowingly signed any divorce paperwork in 2009 and said she had "no idea what was going on".

"It's probable that I signed it in a pile of documents and I didn't know what I was signing. I trusted my husband."

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