Janice Dickinson reveals she had STEM CELL treatment in China after injuring her head in Rite Aid car park

22 November 2013 14:04

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Janice Dickinson reveals she had STEM CELL treatment in China after injuring her head in Rite Aid car park

She is suing pharmacy giants Rite Aid for injuries she claims she suffered after being struck on the head by a parking barrier.

And now Janice Dickinson has revealed she is 'on the mend' after flying all the way to China for stem cell treatment.

It was recommended to her by her friend Dr. Brian Mehling, founder of Blue Horizon Stem Cells in New York, and was carried out in September.

Dr Mehling said the treatment, which he claims is commonly used in China, sees stem cells harvested in a laboratory before being injected into the patient’s problem area.

She said: 'On July 7 I had an accident at Rite Aid. I was walking out of the parking lot and turned to say something to the parking attendant.

'As soon as I looked back to where I was walking, the bar knocked me out on top of my head."

However it seems things are looking up following her unconventional treatment, though she also posted a picture of herself 'getting surgery' a fortnight ago.

Janice also claims she was so impressed by her friend's advice that she is now using and promoting his product Blue Horizon Special Skin Serum, even though it does not contain any stem cells.

She said: 'This is absolutely the greatest tonic fountain of youth that I've ever found in my life.

Dr Mehling's website claims it is a 'potent anti-aging innovation formulated safely through non-embryonic human stem cell research,' and the mysterious wonder potion, which has yet to be patented, costs $300 for a 30ml bottle.

Dickinson at the time of the incident said the blow knocked her to the ground and she damaged her knee.

She was treated at the UCLA Medical Centre and later revealed that she had suffered a concussion.

Dickinson posted a picture to her Instagram account in July showing herself in a wheelchair after being admitted to the hospital.

The former America's Next Top Model judge named Rite Aid and a parking lot company in her lawsuit and was seeking medical expenses, loss of wages and unspecified damages.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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