La Palma volcano eruption would trigger a MEGA TSUNAMI that may reach UK and engulf Europe

11 October 2017 10:55

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La Palma volcano eruption would trigger a MEGA TSUNAMI that may reach UK and engulf Europe

LA PALMA volcano could erupt and spark a mega tsunami that has the potential to cause mass devastation in Britain, experts have warned.

Concerns have been raised that if Cumbre Vieja blows on the Canary Islands, the massive slab of rock could smash into the Atlantic Ocean causing a killer tidal wave.

The Canary Islands have been struck by 50 earthquakes in three days, notably in La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria where tremors of low magnitude and intensity were measured between 1.5 and 2.7 on the Richter Scale.

The earthquakes, from the Spanish archipelago’s most active volcano, which is located on the island of La Palma, have sparked panic across the Canary Islands, with volcano experts pulled in to examine the unusual seismic activity.

The “seismic swarm” activity could be sign La Palma’s volcano could be set to erupt, leaving a trial of destruction along the US East Coast, Spain and even Britain.

The warning comes from Dr Steven Ward, of the University of California, and Dr Simon Day, of the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre at University College London.

They found that if the Cumbre Vieja – an active but dormant volcano – were to erupt, the western flank of the mountain could tumble into the sea.

Writing in Geophysical Research Letters, they said a build-up of groundwater could destabilise a block of rock up to 500 cubic km in size, which could break off, smashing into the sea at up to 350 km an hour (220 mph).

This eruption could cause the landslide, which will unleash a deadly wall of water, initially almost 3,000ft high and several miles wide, to hurtle towards the UK’s southern shores, at speeds of up to 800 km an hour (500 mph).


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