Over 1,400 Leaving Cert papers were given a better mark after students appeal

11 October 2017 05:16

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Over 1,400 Leaving Cert papers were given a better mark after students appeal

Honours English and Biology were easily the most appealed subjects in 2017.

THE STATE EXAMINATIONS Commission has this morning released details of the results of all appeals made regarding this year’s Leaving Cert.

All students were given the opportunity to review their exam scripts in their schools at the beginning of September and, if they wished, to appeal the result.

A total of 5,615 candidates made applications for appeals against 9,806 grades – leading to 1,425 upgrades, which represents 0.36% of all grades awarded.

The overall average rate of upgrades in 2017 is 14.5%, compared to 17.5% in 2016. This could be due to the introduction of 10% grade bands in the 2017 Leaving Certificate exams, compared with 5% grade bands previously.

The greatest number of appeals were seen in higher level English with 1,688 appeals and Biology with 1,104.

Honours Irish had 899 appeals, honours Maths 804, and honours French and honours Business were next ranked with 511 and 501 appeals each.

The most amount of upgrades were made in higher Biology with 208 and higher English with 198.

Students who are still unhappy with their re-marked scripts can appeal once more by filling out an application that should be included with notice of their revised result.

Any such application needs to be returned directly to the SEC by 5pm on Tuesday 17 October.

Re-viewing the re-marked script is also possible – any such viewings will happen on Saturday 21 October between 10am and 4pm in the Athlone offices of the SEC.

Source: thejournal.ie

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