Removal of ‘silly road signs’ and rural speed limit called for

21 November 2013 11:32

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Removal of ‘silly road signs’ and rural speed limit called for

A new system will be set up which will allow the public to lodge appeals with their local authorities.

A review group set up by Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has also recommended the removal of 80kmh signs on narrow country roads.

These will be replaced by an old system of "rural slow signs" which do not display any numerals. However the speed limit will remain at 80kmh.

The Road Safety Authority will run an awareness campaign on the new rural speed limit signs, and other measures, as well as updating the rules of the road.

Speaking this morning, Minister Varadkar said he intended for all recommendations to be implemented.

"If people are going to respect speed limits, then we need to ensure that speed limits respect the motorist. But we must also ensure that every limit is safe and sensible," he said.

Conor Faughnan of the AA said he believed the creation of an appeals system is "really important".

"It will give motorists a proper voice in the setting of speed limits to make sure that we get it right. That is very, very constructive and welcome."


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